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Fact File – Roe Deer

Native Deer of British Isles The Roe Deer is a native deer of the British Isles and are now abundant throughout. They have increased in both population and distribution, with the increase in planting of woodland in the 20th century. Roe deer are normally associated with the edges of woodlands and forests, and can also […]

Family Wildlife Fun

Wildlife Adventures We absolutely love wildlife!   This summer take the time to explore the wildlife with your family.  The natural world around us is amazing and it seems that many of us do not know enough about it.  Exploring nature and wildlife is a fantastic activity to do with the children, as being outside has […]

Fact File – Buzzards (Buteo Buteo)

It is a sad fact that over 38 million birds have disappeared from the UK in the last half a century, however, Buzzards are the most common UK bird of prey, from the bird family of Kites, hawks and eagles. Buzzards can be seen soaring over the woodlands, and these impressive birds of prey have multiplied in number since the 1970’s.