The benefits of children being out in nature.

Camping is really for everyone! Whether you go by yourself or with friends or family! It has been proven more so over the last couple of years (pandemic and all that!) how beneficial it is for us to be out in nature and all its glory! Not only for us adults but for children. Kids now spend way more time indoors thanks to technology but it has been proven that children who play outside more are happier, less anxious and are better at paying attention! The dream! 

Camping is a great way of getting children participating in the outdoors. There’s no tempting technology for them. Often children will mix with other children when camping which has been proven to build a child’s self esteem and to socialise. This encourages children’s imagination and creativity and allows them to choose how they interact with nature.

‘Overall, the research revealed that children’s wellbeing increased after they had spent time connecting with nature: the children showed an increase in their personal wellbeing and health over time, and they showed an increase in nature connection and demonstrated high levels of enjoyment.’ – The Wildlife Trust Organisation 2019.